Friends of Roy Karch Invited to Sunday Afternoon Get-Together

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Retired adult movie director Roy Karch is currently under hospice care following a stroke that has left him bedridden. The veteran filmmaker spends his days in his apartment sleeping or listening to music as he is unable to walk and only has use of one arm, but this weekend, there will be a get-together for friends to come and say hello. The meet-and-greet will take place at his apartment on Sunday, August 25, and those interested may stop by anytime between the hours of 3-5 PM.

“Roy is in really bad shape but he finally agreed it’s time to have some of his friends and former co-workers stop by, even if only for a few minutes, to say hello,” said long-time Karch friend and care organizer Jeff Mullen.

Those interested should contact Mullen via text or call 323-893-3681 or through email [email protected] for the apartment address which is near downtown. There is residential street parking.

Karch first suffered a stroke back in 2011 but made a full comeback before suffering this second, more devastating stroke in March. He was hospitalized for a couple of months before returning home.

“When Roy was in the hospital, the hope was he would make a good recovery and get on with life but now it is known that any type of recovery is not on the horizon,” Mullen advised. Karch is 72.

The medical staff wanted to keep Roy in the convalescent hospital for the rest of his life but he kept asking Mullen to please get him home.

“So, against medical advice, I got my friend home. I had no clue what that would entail but it was really hard to see him existing in a sterile hospital setting like that, and although this is a new apartment for Roy, it has some of his familiar items.”

Karch is also suffering from dementia which has made his decline all the more real, but with 24 hour caregivers, he is as comfortable as can be expected.

“Roy is truly playing out his days and for a while, he did not want anyone to know of his situation, so we kept this pretty quiet. Alexandra Silk, Luc Wylder, Scott David, Raven Touchstone, Michelle and his buddy Jan have visited but I really don’t know how many days he has left and that’s why it would be so nice if some of his friends stopped by,” Mullen said. “You will notice the sharp decline in mind and body but he will know who you are especially once we remind him. If you can’t make it this Sunday but still want to visit, I probably can arrange that.”

Mullen first met Karch back in 1983. “He hired me to do some music scores for his movies. It was like Boogie Nights and we’ve been friends ever since.”

The Roy Karch get-together will take place this Sunday, August 25, 3 PM to 5 PM at his apartment near DTLA. Pizza and Coca-Cola will be served. Contact Jeff for address.

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