Aria Giovanni: Time's 'Perfect Body' 22 Years Before She Was Born

CYBERSPACE—Some seem not to realize it, but not everything posted on the internet is factual—and that includes a 2015 Facebook meme that’s been passed around the ‘net ever since, claiming that Time magazine had declared the black-and-white image above as its “definition of a perfect body 1955.”

And why not? Big tits had long been a staple of “men’s magazines” from the 1930s onward, and with the rise of “confession” and “confidential” mags that found favor with the public after things settled down from WWII, many of which featured top-heavy women in peril on their covers, it’s almost logical that Time would examine the meme, possibly even devoting a cover story to it.

Just one problem, though: It didn’t, and the photo used in the Facebook post was that of Aria Giovanni, the porn star who was a favorite of Andrew Blake—and she wasn’t born until 1977! (That’s her, above right.)

Aria was “discovered” by famed photog Suze Randall, who shot a pictorial of her in 2000 which helped land the busty brunette the coveted title of Penthouse Pet of the Month for September of that year. Soon after, Blake started putting her in his company’s (Studio A Entertainment) all-girl movies, beginning with the self-titled Aria, whose reviews weren’t that great. Her next five movies for Blake scored somewhat better, though the action in them was largely softcore, though rated Justine as “one of nine pornographic movies that women can enjoy.” Aria then left the DVD scene and went to work for Danni Ashe’s immensely popular Danni’s Hard Drive website, where she spent most of 2005 and 2006 appearing in Danni’s non-sex productions—until she returned to the Blake fold for Andrew Blake X-1 and X-2, which featured the starlet in girl/girl action. Beginning in 2007, however, she did most of her work for DDF Network, which featured her in girl/girl and solo scenes. Her last XXX appearance was a girl/girl one in Sunset Media’s Nibble My Nipples 2 in 2016.

Aria also had a couple of mainstream TV roles: Survivors Exposed, a parody of the Survivors TV series, and the dating show Shipmates.

According to fact-checking website, “The earliest appearance of the ‘perfect body’ photograph misattribution we’ve seen so far dates from November 2013, and the rumor also bears some resemblance to a purportedly authentic list of advice titled ‘How to Be a Good Wife’ (also believed to date to 1955). That text circulated widely in e-mail in the ’90s and ’00s, but it too was a fabrication rooted in misconstrued cultural ideals of the era.”

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