Officially Releases xCashtags

SARASOTA, Fla.—Adult video marketplace, operated by Digital Media Managment, is introducing a new way for consumers to access video content.

According to a company statement, the team at has added a new option for consumers called xCashtag because “the market is changing nonstop, right along with needs and usage behavior.”

xCashtags are categories or niches that users can subscribe to. These subscriptions give users access to all videos tagged equally within this category or niche at a fixed price. Consumers need not pay content that doesn’t interest them. xCashtags start at 7.49 per month, depending on the type of category, and users can subscribe to multiple categories.

“We believe that current users dedicate their loyalty to people, not to companies or brands,” the company statement reads. “A big factor being personal preference, especially when it comes to sexuality and adult lifestyles in today’s world.”

The advantages for content creators? Their videos are assigned by category, which helps users find and access them easily. And their videos compete only with similar videos of the same category. Fetish videos don’t have to battle mainstream porn videos; amateurs don’t have to fight against professional studios. It’s all about the video itself.

According to company, the team understands that users have “individual desires.”

Digital Media Managment,’s Swiss-based parent company, is known for products and websites such as Eromaxx, Tainster, Sindrive, Party Hardcore and Bimaxx.

“Our content creators make videos with a particular genre in mind, yearning for it to be seen. We provide both users and creators a prefect place to hang out and call home.” 

The follow features are available now:

1. Pay-Per-Category (xCashtag)

2. Subscribe to multiple categories (xCashtags)

3. Report wrong or missing xCashtags

4. Pause and reactivate subscriptions anytime

5. Search engine accepts words, phrases, hashtags and xCashtags

6. Additional non-recurring credits (Sinbux) on demand

7. Advanced user account and card protection plus one click payments

8. Users can earn free credits (Userbux) by referring a friend

9. Detailed statements for all purchases, credits and deposits

10. Discounts and special offers (seasonal and continuously)

11. Pay-Per-Video to purchase single videos without subscriptions

12. Personal library for all video purchases (streaming and download) 

“We are releasing new features constantly,” says Robert Marschall, CEO of Digital Media Managment. “Within July we will launch our new lifetime library and, a new self-management platform for content creators, studios and producers. This launch will also bring ‘Studiobux’ to life, a program rewarding new content, quality and promotion. This will have a positive impact for the users—they’ll get really great content. is a not-to-be-missed adult playground without being a financial burden.”

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