Charlotte Stokely Has 'The Greatest Feelings' About the Future

LOS ANGELES—Charlotte Stokely has an especially good feeling about the future, and she’d like to share it with those who want to experience healthier, more goal-oriented lives. Toward that end, Stokely has set out her professional shingle with her new business, The Greatest Feelings.

Stokely has six years of of training in professional holistic and naturopathic healing, as well as health coach schooling. She also recently received her certification as a sex educator.

“Helping people is a passion of mine,” Stokely said. “My trajectory has been pointed in this direction for a long time and I finally felt like I had the time to really focus on it. I am very passionate about helping people become healthier and to hit their goals in life, and this project is going to allow me to assist them in doing those things.”

Stokely has set up shop at, offering Skype sessions for both health coaching and sex education.

As a Health Coach, Stokely will guide and mentor clients toward achieving their personal and wellness goals, listening to their concerns, helping to identify personal health challenges, supporting the actions they need to take, and holding them accountable so that they can get their desired results.

Through her sex coaching, she offers a safe space to ask questions about sexual communication, boundaries and consent, reproductive anatomy, STI prevention, sexual dysfunction, safer sex methods and barriers, birth control, menstrual hygiene, and how-to’s. She is LGBTQIA and sex worker friendly.

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