Fresh Faces: Kiara Cole

LOS ANGELES—Kiara Cole inspected truck parts on an assembly line for three months before an agent from Motley Models discovered her on Instagram.

“And I thought it was a huge scam,” Cole recalls with a laugh. “Then I really did my research and my agent was calling me every single day. So I was like, ‘OK, maybe this might be real.’”

The adventurous native of Carbondale, Illinois, who already had a secret Pornhub profile where she was posting naughty photos, decided that trying a scene was “worth a shot.” So she gave her two weeks notice at the Toyota Gosei factory and then flew to LA.

The 19-year-old performer recalls meeting in a parking lot before being taken to the location to shoot her first sex scene—for NetVideoGirls.

“It was a crazy day,” Cole says. “Because you meet them outside like at a Chipotle—my driver took me to this Chipotle restaurant. I’m like, ‘What are we doing here?’”

But after riding up the elevator from an underground garage, she was pleasantly surprised.

“Then we get up there—20 floors up—and it’s just a really beautiful set,” Cole continues. “It’s like a high rise. The view was really great. They did my hair and makeup really beautiful.”

Then she went to the bathroom to finish her scene prep.

“And do all the girly things and whatever and I opened up the bathroom door—this was my first time in LA—and I opened up the bathroom door and like the whole wall was windows and all I see is the Hollywood sign. And I literally like choked. I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, the Hollywood sign!’ That’s pretty crazy for my first set to see the Hollywood sign,” says Cole, who will turn 20 on April 19.

Since her first day on set—a boy/girl with Rion King last May, Cole has performed in more than 50 scenes, including appearances on TeenFidelity, AMKingdom, Amateur Allure, Team Skeet, CherryPimps, ALSScan, Tiny4k, Cum4k, Diabolic, Nubiles, Lubed, Passion-HD and Wankz, among others.

“I wouldn’t want to do anything else that I know of,” she says. “I’m sure down the line I’ll find something… But my end goal is to have a farm…I’m just going to be the girl who sacks the bread and when I get old and I can’t do this anymore then I’m going to have this big old farm and have lots of horses and four-wheelers and all kinds of plants and animals. It’s going to be a good time.”

Cole at the time of this interview said her favorite scene so far was with Owen Gray.

“I watch that one all the time. I was just really into it,” she says. “It wasn’t like a huge production. There wasn’t 10 people standing around. It wasn’t very rushed. It was just very relaxed, low key and chill. Just me and him. He did a really good job. He was getting all the right angles.”

She continues, “I also really liked my Teen Fidelity scene [with Ryan Madison]. It was really awesome. He was putting me in all these different positions. It wasn’t just three or four positions. It was probably like 10-plus positions—just taking me all around the room. So it went by really fast. … And any of my Jay Rock scenes were pretty cool.”

Cole says she would like to shoot with veteran glamour photographer Dean Capture. “He takes really pretty pictures,” she says.

“Definitely I want to do Jules Jordan for sure. That’s like the ultimate goal. It’s like nice and crisp and clear and very sharp. … He probably doesn’t know I exist. We’ll get there though. Baby steps.”

Before porn, Cole knew of MILF star Brandi Love—and that was about it.

“She’s the only one specifically that I can remember and I don’t know why. I can remember specifically typing in her name,” Cole recalls.

She has already gone on a two-week business trip to Europe with the ALSScan (All Ladies Shaved) crew, visiting Brno, Czech Republic; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Budapest.

“We would work every other day and then we would go out and explore,” Cole says. “I love them; they’re awesome. They’re very chill.”

She adds, “And now I’m staying out here for three weeks at a time. Now it just feels like home. I almost feel like LA is more my home now.”

Cole says the Pornhub profile she created on the down-low before she was discovered by Motley is still out there in cyberspace, but “it’s under a whole different name.”

“I’m just hoping that nobody ever finds it,” she cracks. 

Even though she only worked at her factory job for three months, her co-workers threw her a going-away party when she left.

“It was so sweet. I was like, ‘If only you guys knew what I’m about to go do,’” Cole says. “Funny stuff. They all know now.”

Nobody was that shocked when they found out, she adds.

“They always tell me all the time, ‘Hey, I saw that scene. That was awesome.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, thanks for the feedback.’ I love it.”

Cole grew up in a small town in Illinois so close to the Missouri border that she can see the Show-Me State across the river from her backyard.

A self-described “hustler since the day I could work,” Cole’s first job was at Hardee’s.

“I worked there for like a year. All my jobs—I’m just a hard worker. All my jobs really liked me,” she says. “I put in my two weeks at all my jobs. And I always just moved up. I never downgraded jobs. I went from Hardee’s and my friend got me this job in a deli. It was such a bad decision because it was me and my best friend working in a deli. We were always just eating and talking. So I worked there part time for like a year.

“So that’s when finally I was like, ‘OK, I’m tired of working part time.’ I’m tired of making this amount of money. So I went to this factory and was working full time and was making more money.”

Her tattoo on her upper chest is a sunflower.

“It doesn’t really mean anything,” she admits. “It was one of those things… I had just turned 18 and I had just graduated, so I had a bunch of money. I was just like, ‘Yeah, I’ve never had a tattoo before.’ It’s so silly. When you’re a teenager you make those choices. … I’ve always liked sunflowers. My original plan was to go over the shoulder, but that’s obviously not realistic anymore. I’m glad that I didn’t go through with all of that. Me and my friend were like, ‘I want a tattoo. I want something huge and right on the front where everybody can see it.’”

Cole says her entry into porn could not have gone much better. “I’ve always pictured myself doing something really big. I’m just surprised it’s like so soon,” she says. “This has been very fast. I’m loving it. I’m soaking it all in.” 





Photography by Rick Garcia/IndustryByRick

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