Having a one night stand sounds like a great idea. But just like anything else that seems easy and straightforward, there are always red flags and black tails and what have you. As you know, anything that involves having sex with another person can turn out to be regrettable, awkward and unforgettable for the wrong reasons. Just one wrong turn can put you in a bothersome situation.

But don’t get it twisted. Women do want to have one night stands, just like men. Over 60% of today’s women have had a one-night stand experience before, so sex happens pretty quickly nowadays.  You only need to play your cards right. There are no official guidelines on how to have a one night stand, but there are several things that’d go a long way if kept in mind. I have the following tips to help you have a pleasurable one night stand.

Location matters

We all agree that you are not likely to score a one night stand in the library or the coffee house. You only frequent such places if you are looking for a woman to start a serious relationship with. If you are looking for a casual hook up, some locations just don’t work out. Clubs, pubs, or bars are the best bet. Remember to avoid an excessively crowded pub because you diminish your chances of hooking up with someone accordingly.

Make your intentions clear

You have to set the tone at the very beginning. Make sure your partner knows about your intentions and desires from the word go. Your potential partner may not be on the same page as you, or they may just politely decline. In that case, don’t push it too hard. Nothing sucks than having unmet expectations.

Don’t be in a crowd

If you are surrounded by a group of men, very few women would be brave enough to make a move so the lesser the friends, the better. Being in the company of a maximum of two friends would be the ideal scenario as they will act as your wingmen or spot a potential one night stand themselves. Avoid being alone in such places because women might think you are just a lonely freak who frequents bars desperately looking for single women.

Don’t wait for her to make it too obvious

In the movies, women make it pretty obvious when they want to have sex with a guy. In real life, no woman wants to give you the impression that you can just sleep with her so easily. She may want to get laid as much as you, but she doesn’t want you to think that she is an easy lay. In any case, don’t expect your potential partner to show interest in having sex with you right away. Most women pretend like they’ve never had a one night stand before or that they would never entertain the idea.

If you want to have a successful one night stand, you have to realize that they happen all the time. Women are open to having sex with you, but just don’t expect them to openly admit it or make it too obvious. It’s only that they have to act like they are not interested in sex right away.

Get out of the place as soon as you can

There is no point of talking to her until the club closes, is there? You don’t want to hang around until the lights have been switched off and there is no music. Those can be absolute mood killers. Also, the longer you stay at the bar, the sleepier and tired both of you will become. Get out of the bar, restaurant or wherever in a reasonable time.

Don’t try too hard

That’s another mistake many men make. If you approach a woman and start bragging about your job, the place you live, the car you drive or such stuff, you already come out as weak and having insecurities. Most women, especially the hot ones, think you feel you are not worthy and are trying to wow them with your awesomeness. Do you want to get laid by a hot woman on the first day? Be the kind of guy that gets them excited and turned on. Which brings me to the next point:

Stay true to your personality

Are you looking forward to that day when women will love you for who you really are? It is actually easy. Just be who you are and don’t try to be someone else just to impress a woman so you can get between her legs. Let her experience the real you. Give her the idea that you are who you are and remain strong no matter what she says. The kinds of guys that get laid easily are the ones who don’t pretend to be someone they are not. Let your potential partner be attracted to you and see how quickly you get those knickers off of her.

It’s not a big deal

If you want to have sex with a woman on the first day, you have to stop going around thinking that sex is such a big deal or you are committing a great crime by wanting to have sex with them. Sex on the first date is perfectly normal, and it happens with millions of people all over the world. Start thinking of a one night stand as the obvious outcome of mutual attraction between two people if you want to have sex with a woman the same night you meet them.


Keep the above tips in mind and see how easily you get laid on the first day. Remember to use some fucking protection. Trust me; it’s a cold world out there!

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